Blondie was a Palomino mare. She was registered with the APHA (American Paint Horse Association) and the Palomino Horse Association. Stephanie found a FOR SALE ad in the local paper. The horse sounded like what we were looking for, so we called. She was local, in Falcon, about 15 minutes from our place. We scheduled an appointment to check her out. Driving up the driveway, Shari could see the Palomino in the distance, it was love at first sight. We knew we wanted to purchase her, but we needed to talk it over with Bob. The second visit to purchase the Palomino we decided we wanted the sellers to work with her for a couple weeks. Baby (that was her original name) was in horse terms, "green" meaning she hasn't had a lot of saddle time. She is broke and has had 30 days of professional training, but still needs work. She is as gentle as a lamb. Very easy to work with, but still has a bit of an attitude. On November 3rd, 2006 we purchased her. We paid a little extra for them to work with her for 2 weeks before bringing her to our place. We would go over a couple times a week to visit her and watch what they were doing during training. Finally Shari was able to ride her. She felt very comfortable in the saddle and knew she would be able to handle the rest of the training.
On Saturday, November 18th, 2006 Baby was dropped off at the Scheffler Farm. After a couple days at the Farm Shari decided to name the Palomino, "Blondie". Shari rode Blondie in the round pen for the first few days we had her. Until she got injured. On November 25th, 2006 Blondie and Socks had a disagreement causing Blondie to run through the fence, resulting in 5 stitches. Since then, Socks has finally accepted Blondie into the herd. It has taken 3 weeks, but they all seem to be getting along now. We are very happy to have Blondie as part of the herd. Shari is so excited about her dream of owing a Palomino coming true.
On Sunday, November 5th, 2017, Blondie died at the age of 18.