"The Chickens"
Three "S" Farms

Steven began his poultry business in 2005 with a bucket full of baby chicks from Big R. He kept them in the bucket in mom's bathtub with a heat lamp. When he became series about raising chickens Steven and Daddy built some chicken coops in the shed, then built an enclosure outside the shed for them to free range. When Steven became more experienced he rebuilt the chicken habitat. He also started entering the Colorado State Fair and has won numerous awards for his prize winning chickens. Steven became an expert on raising, breeding, incubating, hatching and butchering poultry. He enjoyed studying poultry and applied what he learned from 2005-2011and turned his hobby into a profitable business. If you want more information visit his website, www.ThreeSFarm.com
When Steven went off to flight school in 2013 Stephanie took over the poultry business.Steven is now a pilot and away from home.  Isaac has since built more habitats and enclosures for the ever expanindg poultry business.  Stephanie continues to raise the poultry and now sells farm fresh organic eggs She has decided to keep the Three S Farm name and the business running.
During the Easter/Spring season of 2007 The Big R sells poultry and rabbits. On one of our visits Isaac requested a duck. Daddy said that would be fun because one day we will have a pond. So we purchased two ducks. On the ride home one of them was squeaking all the way home, so Isaac named that one Squeaks. The other one he named Quackers. When one of them gets out of the sight of the other, they quack and squack until they find each other again. Since we don't have a pond yet, we keep a wading pool filled with water out in the yard for them to hang out in. We no longer have the originals, but since the ducks arrival in 2007 we have had a few other ducks fly through our inventory. Some of them have won ribbons at the Colorado State Fair. As a matter of fact someone from the fair offere Isaac a substantial sum for his duck, but he turned the offer down... A few of the other ducks came from schools that have hatched eggs and then after the school year was over they needed a new home for them, so they called us for adoptions. All of the other ducks have come from Big R in Falcon, CO. The current ducks are managed by Stephanie.
The original quartet of Turkey's we raised were purchased from The Big R in March 2006. Steven was the First Place prize winner from the Colorado State Fair with one of the original turkey's. Steven enjoyed raising turkey's since 2006. He added that to his poultry business. In 2009 for Thanksgiving he butchered his first turkey on his own and cooked it for dinner. He would like to raise them and sell them for Thanksgiving dinners. Of course, we were the first family that has eaten from his flock. In 2016 we had another turkey feast, however, this one was raised by Stephanie.  She has inherited ALL the poultry from THree S Farm.