Isaac is the proud owner of a female Leopard Gecko, Hershey or Airhead (he could not choose between the two names) He purchased the Gecko at Petco on his 7th birthday, March 11, 2006. He saved his money for a few months in order to purchase a lizard and the necessary habitat. With his birthday money he finally had enough for the investment. We brought her home and set up the habitat, complete with mealworms and live crickets. Isaac had a tough time feeding the crickets to the Gecko. Thanks to big brother, Kevin, who has volunteered to feed, Gecko did not go hungry. It is quite entertaining watching her feast on live juicy, crunchy crickets. It is also a neat opportunity to be able to watch her molt or shed her old skin. A year later Isaac purchased a second Gecko named, Starburst. In the past 5 years Isaac has become quite good at feeding his Geckos, the live crickets and mealworms. The original Gecko has died, but Starburst still Lives on...We are shocked that she is still around considering the live expectency on a Gecko is about 5 years...She has been with us for nine.
November 1,  2017 Isaac's Gecko died at the old age of 11.  They normally only live for 6 years.