Lady is a 19 year old quarter horse/thoroughbred mare. She is registered with the APHA. She has had two successful foalings...resulting in two beautiful fillies. She has a very gentle nature and will be a good broodmare. We wanted to buy Faith a miniature horse for her 2nd birthday. She loves "horsey's" and ponies. Stephanie found an ad in the classifieds for sale miniature ponies $350 and up. We scheduled a visit for Sunday June 25th,2006 We all loaded up in the van and headed for Pueblo. When we arrived we looked at all the miniatures he had for sale. Then we went to look at some he had corralled in the back. On our way back we noticed a mare and her foal. The mare was a beautiful bay color. We told Craig, the owner, how beautiful the mare was. He said I'll sell you the pair for $1,000. We went for the purpose of buying miniatures and now we were thinking about buying another horse. After much thought we decided it would be a great investment to buy the mare and her foal and not miniatures. Since both horses are mares we can breed them...On June 28th Craig and his daughter delivered Meha and Spooks( The names given by the owners). Since then the mare has been changed to Lady and the foal, Milky Way. We had Lady covered by Francisco's Appaloosa stallion in 2007. In 2008 Lady gave birth to a foal on the first day of summer during a terrible thunderstorm, June 20th, 2008. We ended up calling her foal, "Summer Storm." Her other foal Milky Way ended up passing away July 2011 due to Sand Colic. She was only 5 years old.