The Chameleon

For the past year Starci had been talking about wanting to get a Chameleon for her 18th birthday.  Since that is what she wanted for a gift she thought a, "Tangled" birthday party would be an appropriate theme...On Starci's 18th birthday, September 30th, 2015 we loaded up the bus and headed off to find the perfect habitat and chameleon to join our family. It was around 2:30pm by the time we got the bus loaded up. Mom had stopped at Petco a week earlier to inquire about Chameleon availability and habitats, so she knew who and what to ask for upon arrival...
Once all the details were settled, we picked out the habitat, the food and the most friendly of ALL the Chameleon selection, we made our purchase, then headed back home to set up, "Pascal's" new living arrangements...A year later Pascal is still happy in his habitat.  He has moved to a couple different locations throughout the house.  Origianlly he was by mom's room, but the heat lamp light kept her up at night, so he was moved to the wall by the fireplace...until the automatic humidifier was starting to ruin the hardwood, so he was moved to the cermaic tile by the door to the deck next to CB...during Christmas Pascal and CB hang out in their cages in the basement until the tree is removed from the living room. Since Starci left for school and is living up in Denver during the week, Alea and Faith have taken over the responsibilities of caring for Pascal.
Pascal died the 23rd of December 2016.