"Summer Storm"

July 22, 2007 mom had Lady studded with Francisco's appaloosa. We knew it was a success when...11 months later on a stormy Thursday night mom went out to feed for Stephanie. She noticed that Lady was starting to secrete milk from her teats. Mom didn't think anything of it at the time. She was more concerned about getting the horses fed before the storm got worse. The next morning when Stephanie went out to feed Lady came around the corner and much to Stephanie's surprise a new born foal was following her. Stephanie came in to get mom. Mom grabbed the cameras and was on the scene in a flash. Mom found the placenta in tack buried under some waste. So we are pretty sure the birth occurred in the second paddock somewhere around 2am-5am. Mom called the vet to come out and do a newborn exam to make sure all was well. During this time Stephanie and mom were thinking of names. Seeing as it was Friday, June 20th the first day of Summer and it had been stormy all night and in the morning, the name Summer Storm was born.